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Josh Bodwell - Artist or Jedi Master?

Josh Bodwell is more than just a wealth of nerdy trivia knowledge, he's also a tattooist traveling the world specializing in all things pop-culture. Seen on the internationally syndicated television series "Epic Ink" on A&E Josh has been on screens around the globe tattooing and getting in to light-saber duels with his friends and cast mates at Area 51 Tattoos in Oregon. His realism and portraiture have been decorating the skins of die-hard fans of sci-fi, comic books, Star Wars and more! He travels the world to hone his craft and his work has been seen in just about any tattoo magazine you pick off the shelf. Aside from tattoo conventions across the galaxy, Josh is often found tattooing at pop-culture conventions and comic-con events as well as having been a Lucasfilm licensed tattooist at numerous past Star Wars Celebration events. Outside of tattooing he has created licensed artwork for clients such as Jim Henson Company for The Dark Crystal, Yo Gabba Gabba/DHX and Topps Company, creating sketch cards for Topps' Star Wars trading card series. After nearly two decades calling Funhouse Tattooing in PA his home base, he now tattoos at Downtown Tattoo's Private Studio in New Orleans, LA

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